Product Development

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There are many problems when trying to communicate and explain your own design to a manufacturer. Different language, culture, materials, and working procedures complicate product development. It can take you a long time to make things happen if you don’t set up product development strategies. The manufacturer might want you to explain specifications more clearly, provide more information and ask for samples.

We will negotiate, coordinate work, and organize a product development strategy directly with the manufacturers. We have the ability to communicate effectively, find the right vendors and manufacturers and reduce costs to make your product development project succeed.

Manufacturers and material vendors need to be audited, organized and certified. We’ll help you improve price, and give you advice on what materials to use. We only work with the best quality materials.

Product development manufacturing includes :

  • Follow up during all the product development stages, until the sample is made.
  • Follow up until the product meets your needs.
  • Recommend modelers to design according to prototype.
  • Last casting.
  • Send sample to client to check fit and make corrections.
  • Approval of pilot tests, getting rid of all doubts and problems.
  • Production of patterns, lasts, and complete runs.
  • Material management.
  • Our observations during development of the product.
  • Verify all the specifications of your product.
  • Get together with manufacturers and vendors to strengthen relationships and work as a team.
  • Check design together with the manufacturers.
  • Receive samples to work on development and protect your design and interests.
  • Choose materials with the best quality and price.

What are the Benefits of an Effective Product Development?

Coordinating manufacturers and vendors to develop a product is an important and difficult task. Working together with us will create a positive and fast result in your sourcing strategy in India. Our local staff knows the local business culture and identifies the best partners for your business. The time to make your prototype will be reduced dramatically, there will be less misunderstandings, your costs will decrease, and the quality of your product will be guaranteed.

How do we Work?

Every product development is different. Please fill in the feasibility form so we can understand the scope of your project. Delivery time for product development will depend on the type of project.

How do we carry out Production Inspection?

We not only inspect your production, we also make corrections and advice the factory how to solve problems. If the problem cannot be solved easily then we’ll inform you and guide you. The Production Inspection takes place during the production process. We advise you to inspect during several production stages. Inspections can be made one time or several times at different production stages. If the product is sensitive then it’s advisable to make inspections frequently. We also inspect packed and ready to go products.

What is the benefit of a Production Inspection?

We will check if the quality of your products reaches your standards. We make sure production is on schedule. We inspect the production volume to avoid any delays in your final shipment. At this stage, you can still modify the production protocol and still be on time with your order even if we find problems.