Material Management

Material Management

Material Management for Leather Goods and Footwear

There are much inefficiency hidden between the chain that connects your tier-2 supplier and your tier-1 factory and within each manufacturing processes. These problems make you waste resources, time, labor and materials. Your losses could be irreversible for your project.

Don’t wait for the manufacturer to inform you about the quality and prices of the materials, we will do it for you. We constantly give place for improvements in your material management efforts for your project, especially if you have never truly studied your entire supply chain in India. Our years of experience allow us to know which suppliers have good reputation and quality.

Save money from your supply chain with our material management services.

The city of Agra, India and surrounding areas specialize in leather goods and leather footwear. You can also find textiles, synthetic leather and other materials. Almost all the materials for the footwear and leather goods industry are produced in India. We can reduce the cost of your products finding Indian materials with the same quality as Europe. You can reduce price up to 20%.

Optimizing your supply chain is a necessity for your company’s survival. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question about our services.