Our team works with you to develop new sourcing projects and establish long business relationships with Indian leather and non Leather shoe manufacturers.

When you choose Royal Step India (Footwear sourcing company) as your footwear and leather goods sourcing company, consultant and business solutions partner, you will discover the power of certitude. We help you improve what you do and achieve when doing business in India.

Royal Step India Services


We add real value to organizations through sourcing, purchasing, and international experience.

We can help you:
  • Locate footwear or leather product manufacturers
  • Investigate  factories to confirm quality standards
  • Quality control  services
  • prepare shipping and export paperwork
  • Negotiate with vendors
  • offer all in one sourcing for special projects, and more.

What do we do ?


We specialize on leather goods and footwear sourcing services in India (investigation, product development, quality control, and international logistics). 

Who is it for ?

Royal Step India services is for entrepreneurs to multinational retailers and wholesalers who want to improve their sourcing strategies on footwear and leather goods from India

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Want to know more about how we work?

Production Inspection for Leather and Shoe Manufacturers in India

It’s better to inspect your order during production to ensure the quality of your product. Our inspectors will visit the manufacturer to inspect the production line and the products. Take control of the production and get better results.

Report includes:

  • Visit to the factory.
  • Packing and packaging inspection.
  • Pictures.
  • Tests and special requirements.
  • Corrections advice.